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What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

There are many things hypnotherapy can help with, including, but not limited to, stress & anxiety reduction, positive habit formation, increased positive emotions (confidence, happiness, joy), the release of trauma & negative stuck emotions, smoking cessation, support with grieving, support with pain management and other health diagnoses (eczema, allergies, etc.).

Topics and results I frequently help my clients with:

  • Positive habit formation

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Clarity and peace with decision-making

  • Inner Child work

  • Decrease critical self talk

  • Move from Procrastination to Motivation

  • Being nicer to yourself

  • Clearing negative stuck emotions

  • Trauma Releasing

  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs

  • Grief Support

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Pain management support

  • Goal setting and achieving

  • Past Life Regression

  • Improved self-love

  • Decreased stress

  • Clarity on career decisions and soul purpose

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Improved gut health

  • Weight-loss

  • Forensic Hypnosis

  • Control eating habits (snacking late at night, eating particular foods, not eating past satiety, etc.)

  • Improved sleep

Hypnotherapy can apply to so many different situations, so if you are curious if hypnotherapy can help with something you’re experiencing, please reach out!

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