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What is the difference between Meditation and Hypnosis?

Meditation and Hypnosis often feel similar because they both have a relaxing or “trance” like effect. However, the main difference is that meditation strengthens someones conscious awareness of the present moment to help clear your mind. For example, you may be guided to point your attention towards your body and how it feels against the chair or your breath and any tension in your body. This usually is a routine practice and doesn’t have to be goal oriented.

Hypnosis on the other hand is goal oriented and uses the subconscious to change neural patterns in light of the goal. Rather than focusing only on the present moment, hypnosis is used to change the brain for a more ideal future. In the subconscious state our inspiration, creativity and true memory of our experiences are all heightened, so an individual can become less focused on the present moment. In this state, the hypnotherapist guides the individual with specific techniques, so they can gain the insights for themselves.

Similar to meditation, hypnotherapy does not always need to involve talking, so the individual can have a private experience of their own. Ultimately, an individual walks away with a heightened sense of self and awareness of their goal/situation they wanted to achieve. This leads to a feeling of getting unstuck and being unstoppable towards their goal.

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