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Recent & Upcoming Events


Making your mind your best friend @ the Castro Room!

Learn how your subconscious impacts your day to day life, thoughts and behaviors, and how hypnotherapy can shift your mindset. Enjoy a deeply relaxing group hypnosis to begin dissolving negative self-talk, unwanted patterns, and experience internal peace and happiness day to day.  You will leave with tangible tools to activate your potential by disrupting old patterns and breaking free from subconscious blocks that cause you to remain in unwanted cycles of fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

February 23rd!


Recurring Hypnosis for Happiness Events

Group Hypnosis Events in San Francisco provide an opportunity to relax, build community and gain insight on the topic for the evening.  Past topics have ranged from Happiness, Relationships, Alignment, Clarity and Relaxation. These events happen on the second and third Tuesday of each month.

Stay tuned... Next one is being scheduled!

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Self-Hypnosis Course

Learn Self-Hypnosis in this three session course. Learn this valuable tool to detangle your thoughts, improve habits, dissolve negative self talk, and accomplish your goals. Use this skill for the rest of your life to decrease stress, promote happiness and resolve any internal challenges you face. Learn how to build confidence, improve your memory, create internal peace and optimize any thought, behavior or emotion you want in life.

And the best part? Self-hypnosis can be a private experience, so you can do all of this on your own!

This course will meet for three Tuesdays in February.

Sign up for the April Cohort!

(Zoom and in person options available)

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